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  • Laurie Stead
    Oct 2, 2013
      My cat receives 1/2 pimobendan in the am and 1/2 in the pm.  I actually split it into 1/4's so it easily hides in just 1/2 pill pocket.  It adds another "pill treat" (that's what I call them) but it makes it manageable for kitty eat.  Boo doesn't seem to mind the flavor - as far as I have been told it is not bitter if they bite into it.

      I would always talk to your cardiologist before adding/removing pills or changing doses.  Every cat differs.

      I hope Sammy continues to recover well. It's great his breathing rate has come down.

      Laurie and Boo

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      Sent: Wednesday, October 2, 2013 4:14 AM
      Subject: [FH] New Patient, old member

      Hi everyone, I joined many years ago but ended up spending all my time at the feline CRF and the Assisted feeding lists.

      My 8y/o sweet big boy Sammy 15.5 lb weight a Siamese mix was diagnosed with an x-ray on Thursday before a dental, followed by an U/S later this Monday with advanced CHF,via U/S with: " severely dilated left atrium, left ventricular free wall thinning and regional severe hypokinesis, global left ventricular systolic dysfunction, mild mitral regurgitation is present.." and so on. 
      He is also in early stage CRF IRIS Stage II with a crea of 2.

      After he was >200cc overhydrated at the vet with an aborted anesthesia induction /sedative to take the x-ray before a dental extraction on Thursday he had a runny nose runny eyes at first, it stopped next day had also occasional coughing each day and a very high resting labored breathing rate of 60 breath /min sometimes up to 68/min around the clock and ever since until tonight when the Lasix which was started Thursday seems to have had finally some effect. His resting breathing rate looks much less labored and is around 36.min.right now to my great relief.
      Benazepril was started on Saturday
      Plavix was started only tonight
      The cardiologist suggested and I purchased at Costco:
      Lasix 12.5 mg - SID
      Benazepril 5 mg - 1/2 tablet SID
      Plavix 75 mg - 1/4 tablet SID ( got the generic Clopidogrel)
      Pimobendan 1.25mg - 1 tablet BID ( got the generic 'chewable huge tab,Vetmedin)

      Question: a friend mentioned that she gives her kitty only 1/4 tablet of the 5mg Benazepril. 
      BP measurements were all over the map between 80 and 230 for the systolic measurement with a non-doppler device ( cuff on the tail and later leg.) , Sammy was extremely frightened and held still, but I felt the readings were inconclusive, his vet said the BP average was fine normal, so we don't know if a BP medication like this ACE inhibitor is really needed but seems pretty standard????

      Considering that my big framed boy does not look obese but has probably 3 lbs extra fat mainly around his girth and his muscled body is probably more like 12.5 lb - is this dose of 1/2 of the 5 mg pill SID a pretty common dose?? I accidentally gave the whole pill for thre days, therefore held it on Tuesday with the new lower protocol by the cadiologist of just 1/2  pill . This 5mg whole pill is what was ordered for my Chloe weeks earlier who weighed 11 lbs by another vet 5 weeks earlier, I still had them left over.
      What is a pretty usual dose long term for kitties of my cats weight of the 5mg Benazepril 1/4 as my friend's kitty, 1/2 or 1 whole pill??

      2nd Question the Pimobendan pills called chewables are too large to hide anyplace  in a pillpocket as suggested by my vet, they are very sour so I cannot mix them ground down into his food and pilling within a huge gelcap is not easy with him, so the rest of the medication in a gelcap I usually succeed after 3 trys with a pill shooter, but this naked big pill - how do others get Pimopendan into their cats???

      Have any of you had a really god experience with Pimobabdan?? I am considering of not pilling him with it.

      Sorry for ths length, I will appreciate any suggestions and in-put

      Erika with very sweet big boy Sammy


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