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49016Tigger is 9 Today!!

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  • Westgold
    Oct 1 9:47 AM
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      Please join me in wishing my precious little Tigger Too a very Happy 9th
      Birthday! He is a beautiful red and white Scottish Fold with big round gold
      eyes and little folded ears.

      He had a 3-4 murmur when I bought him, and he was diagnosed with HCM at 6
      months of age. He has been on atenolol since then.

      Tonight we will all have people tuna as a special celebration treat --
      Tigger & Susie Q can have as much as they want, and they get all the juice
      too! I'll make a nice tuna salad with my can.

      Many of us have kitties who have lived for years and years after diagnosis.
      HCM is not an automatic death sentence. With the help of a good
      cardiologist and the right medications, we can keep many of our little heart
      kitties live a long normal lifespan.

      Give all your dear kitties a kiss from us!
      Take care -- Michelle & Tigger Too in Toronto
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