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48994Fluid build up- will it keep returning?

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  • kelly weech
    Sep 23, 2013
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      Levi was diagnosed with hcm on 21st August. On the Monday he had 275ml of fluid removed and went to a specialist on the Wednesday and medication was started including frusomide- 10mg once a day. Over the next week it was upped to 20mg, 30mg, 50mg and back to 30mg.his breathing was between 32-48 ( on a visit to the vet- he went 4x in 2 wks and had blood taken which was pretty stressful)

      On our visit 3 wk visit to the specialist he again had to be drained again- this time 300ml of fluid. The dosage recommended was furosemide 30mg (10mg 3 x per day) and 1/8 moduretic over the next five day his breathing was between 19-24- the lowest it has been. It's now creeping up 15 days later to 24-28. I sent a video to the specialist last Friday and he said it looks like some fluid could be building up so now on 20,10,10 for next ten days.

      My questions: I can't see any info on moduretic for feline: is anyone else using this?

      Is it likely the fluid is just going to keep building up every three weeks even with furosemide?

      What are my other options?

      Any advice appreciated. :(

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