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48979Re: Thoughts/Opinions on Plavix?

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  • elfinmyst
    Sep 17, 2013
      I have 6 cats with HCM and one girl with heart deformities and currently all 6 take plavix. Two were offered it and the others I asked for it and the cardiologist agreed it would do no harm. If it reduces the risk even a small amount, it's worth it for me. The other alternative is Nattokinase which dissolves clots and is a food enzyme. There are no studies on that in cats, but Josh took it for a long number of years. Trixi had a clot 4 years ago to her heart and hasn't had one since.
      Plavix is expensive. I use clopidogrel (generic plavix) Its available in Canada and UK. I agree with the others, its a horrible taste and must be in a gel cap unless you get greedy cats like mine who scoff pills wrapped in chicken.
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