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48978Re: Thoughts/Opinions on Plavix?

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  • Jordan
    Sep 17, 2013
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      My Sheba has unclassified cardiomyopathy and started Plavix approximately 6 months ago . . .for which I am grateful.  
      I lost another persian cat to  saddle thrombosis (clot) many many years ago never even know he had heart disease.    We had to put him down immediately.    His hind limbs were useless and he was in severe pain.
      I NEVER want to watch a kitty endure that if there is anything I can do to avoid it.  Plavix reduces that risk.  It is NOT a guarantee, but its benefits far outweigh the risks.
      I would recommend you use gelcaps if you are not already.    i place Sheba's Plavix in a gel cap with any other meds she may need that day.    I mold a pill pocket around the gelcap contining her pills, and she gobbles them up - none the wiser.   In fact, she thinks it is treat time and ususally runs for it!!    LOL    :)   (She also had feline asthma so I cannot manually pill her as it can trigger an asthma attack)
      Having said all that, I should mention that Plavix is very bitter so a gelcap would also preventing foaming at the mouth.    This never happened with my girl, but there were occassions when she would vomit 15-30 minutes after getting Plavix as it CAN cause GI upset.
      Since using gelcaps, this has not happened as much.
      Good luck,
      Jordan and Sheba
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