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48975Re: [FH] Re: cat with heart and urinary issues, FLUTD discussion

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  • groetzinger6
    Sep 16, 2013
      hi there, several years back my older kitty had crystals in her urine-it was due to grocery store catfood. i switched her to chicken soup for the pet lovers soul and the problem cleared up. we still needed to do the antibiodics incase of infection from the crystals bouncing around inside her bladder. the poor thing would relieve herself in the sink or tub and not the catbox. this was oh 7 years ago?? befor the big petfood recall. I used on occasion wellness pro but she had issues vomiting too rich food=the better quality it was, she couldnt digest it. I was able to get her on 70% chicken soup for pet lovers soul, 20% wellness and a handful of meowmix or other grocery store food=otherwise she refuses to eat but the vet said the small amount she gets a day isnt going to cause issues..so far 7 yrs later=she is able to use kittybox with no issues...back then i was feeding her euchanuba but thats when they added cornmeal into their food and jacked the price up. I have had a HARD TIME finding ANYTHING with NO CORN MEAL!!! so far orjen out of canada has been good.
      Hope this helps!
      Tonda n honeybee, kibs

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