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48972Re: [FH] Re: Elvis in dire straits :(

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  • nicole harris
    Sep 15, 2013
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      Hi Anastasia

      I came on the board a few weeks ago for advice on my kitty tomcat who had just been diagnosed with hcm on presentation of saddle thrombus. I'd seen some of your messages about Elvis previously but couldn't get online for days.

      Got Internet connection back finally and catching up on the board and saw your amazingly wonderful post on Elvis and him getting through his surgery! That is such good news and you must be soooo happy to have him home. I know that terrible feeling when you don't know whether your kitty is going to survive something or not. It's horrendous and I'm so glad to see your Elvis is recovering.

      Sending you and Elvis kitty hugs :)

      Nicole x x x

      From: Anastasia Tajik <anastasia@...>;
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      Subject: [FH] Re: Elvis in dire straits :(
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      Thank you so much for well wishes and comments, everyone!

      A quick update on Elvis: he did very well with anesthesia - no complications - and we brought him back home with the e-tube last night. The facility that's treating him actually sent him home with the Kitty Kollar (and we ordered a couple more - thanks, Carol!), food, a demonstration, and thorough instructions on feeding.

      He is still really weak from going without food for so long, plus he has some kind of upper-respiratory thing going on (nose seems stuffed, but no discharge). But overall he seems comfortable with the feedings, and happy to be at home! We're very optimistic that we can get him over the "food strike" soon with the help of e-tube.

      Jordan, glad to hear Sheba's surgery turned out well! It's a tough call to make.

      Jenny, Elvis is not showing any other signs of nausea, other than turning away food, although, we can't rule anything out, of course. He is on mirtazapine, which is supposed to have some anti-nausea properties, but like I said - he hasn't been showing any signs of nausea (no vomiting, licking, lip-smacking, or swallowing). 

      Again, really appreciate all the feedback! All the best to you and your furry ones!
      ~ Anastasia
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