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  • elfinmyst
    Sep 14, 2013
      Hello Deb
      A grade 2-4 murmur is almost always serious. Kitten benign murmurs are rarely beyond level 2 and most cats grow out of them by age 9 months. I have two cats diagnosed as kittens and both had serious disease and a grade 4 murmur. Both were diagnosed by ultrasound at 12 weeks and have a lot of medications. One was given 2 years to live and one was given 2 months. Both refused to listen:)
      A grade2 murmur  can be a number of things and all must be diagnosed by an ultrasound scan.
      A grade 1/2 murmur may be something I call a 'flappy valve' which my Selkirk girl has and is caused by turbulence in a slightly malformed heart valve. Tjis isn't so serious and doesn't need treatment and won't affect life span.
      Your cat may have HCM or it could be a congenital heart disease, my Milli had a grade 4 and she has two holes in her heart and the valves formed badly. Maxi had a grade 1-2 and has HCM and congenital problems too. There are other heart disorders too, but the ultrasound is extremely important to diagnose and get the best treatment. I urge you to get one as soon as possible.
      HCM is inherited so a sibling would have a 50% chance of the disorder. Heart defects can be a developmental fault or inherited. Once you get the ultrasound results, treatment can begin as needed.
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