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48951Re: My Difficult Week

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  • elfinmyst
    Sep 13, 2013
      Thankyou for all the suggestions. It turns out Augustus has Pseudomonas. We're waiting for the tonsil polyp biopsy and allergy results and then starting his Marbocyl antibiotic injected daily. My vet is also looking into a possible nasal drain tube where the antibiotic can possibly go straight into the sinus but it's looking unlikely to be asthma. I know this is off topic, but a lot of you wanted to know.
      Milli is doing well on her lasix, now reduced to 10mg twice a day and has recovered her heart failure and was shouting at the vet again this morning when she went with a snotty cold! I wish we could fix her middle ear infection though, she's still on antibiotic and metacam for that.
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