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48934Re: Introducing Idgie (tachycardia?)

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  • r schu
    Sep 10, 2013
      Barbara and Idgie,

      I recognize you both from the crf list.  Welcome.

      May and I been her for a while now.  Though May has crf more advanced than Idgie and hcm, she doesn't have the other issues Idgie has.  May is 21.5 yrs old, latest crea is 5.6 idexx, phos and potas still within range.  No bp issues to date, thyroid normal. 

      I'm sharing because I too was concerned about adding benazepril.   But she had fluid build up for the second time and something had to be done.  So she went on lasix (started 3mg/day once a day), plavix (anti clot), and benazepril (1/4 tab) in Feb (I think it was).  Her kidney values held steady and my guess is (more than one change at once so impossible to tell), that the benaz somehow helped her appetite to greatly reduce and some days eliminate assist feeding.

      ACE inhibs work with lasix, so I'm not sure if using benaz without lasix would be different.  But each cat is unique, so??

      I've also learned that 50cc per day sub q may or may not be enough or too much.  If you've been following the crf list, there was recent (~9/3) talk abouts salt in sub q, and how much is really needed for crf.  Some one said, I think Dr. K, that for every 100cc sub q, only 13 are salt free water!  May was at 25 bid sub q but we stopped it with this latest chf.  She drinks more now and I give her orally throughout the day up to 25cc broth.  She's lost excess fluid, feels less 'squish' and is holding steady around 9lbs, which is a .3+ weight loss.  This has been since ~8/20.

      I don't know how this might relate to Idgie, but the benaz didn't hurt May's kidney values, they improved for a few blood draws and are now up to 5.6, but that is from the high 4's low 5's.  But due to chf, we have no choice but to keep treating both heart and kidneys actively.

      Purrs to Idgie, I hope her heart stays strong.  You are right on top of things and I'm doing my best to be too.

      -Lee and May

      ..... The vet and I are not terribly keen on introducing
      an ACE inhibitor into the mix because we each feel that that
      might destabilize the wonderful CRF plateau Idgie’s been
      on for almost a year. (Her total protein is elevated but within
      our lab’s norms.) But I worry that this accelerated
      heartbeat will eventually take its toll on my grand old granny
      girl’s aging heart, possibly causing HCM and/or other
      Barbara & Idgie

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