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  • nicole harris
    Sep 10, 2013
      Hi Lyn

      Oh my, poor you and kitties! I really feel for you. I thought I'd had a tricky week and that's just my one puss. To be going through that with all those kitties must have been so very difficult. And you've been here so much for me and Tc when all along you were having a terrible time of it.

      I'm so pleased to hear that Milli and Josh are recovering. When do Gus's results come in? And as for Arthur - so sweet that he loves his acupuncture.

      I'd like to say thank you so much for all of your support and advice these past days and I really hope you and your kitties have a much better week.

      Warm wishes
      Nicole x x x

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      Hi friends,
      The last ten days I have lived at the vets.
      Milli, (HCM and hole in heart)  went into heart failure. Stomach breathing, rate over 40 were the symptoms. She had a terrible ear infection which antibiotics weren't touching and we had to give a single steroid dose. Unfortunately she went into heart failure. So now she is on:
      vetmedin 3.75mg twice day
      atenolol 5mg twice
      plavix 1/4
      frucimide 20mg twice
      spiro 7mg twice
      fortekor 5mg twice.
      coq 30mg
      Back to the vet tomorrow but she has recovered and is doing well. It's always good to catch it early. Not sure where to go from here though, she's on top dose everything.
      Josh, my 17yr old HCM cat collapsed suddenly. Rushed to vet thinking was the end. Vet said slight temperature, let's see how he goes. Came home, had stinky diarrhoea and has been fine since! Not every emergency is heart thankfully.
      Arthur, 4 years old, went for his acupuncture:) A nice trip, he loves it.
      Gus.. where to start.. 4 years old, 2 sisters with HCM. Wheezing and coughing. Was on antibiotic and steroid for suspected asthma. Been like this 4 weeks. Today was hacking and choking, so he had the works, Xrays, throat swab,  alveolar swab, bloods, polyp on tonsil removed, a HUGE quantity of mucus moved from back of throat/nose, allergy tests.  Waiting for results, but not sure if mucus like that fits asthma now.
      Sorry for long post, it's just been one heck of a week!!
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