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48892RE: Elvis just threw a clot and diagnosed with HCM

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  • phpdiva
    Sep 5, 2013

      Thanks, Lyn!

      The cardiologist put him on two bloodthinners, plud Lasix, since he had a little bit of fluid in his lungs. He did have a heart scan, and according to the doc, his HCM is "severe", with significant thickening of the heart wall and some blood clots in his left atrium. He wants to deal with the current clot and lung fluid first, then we will take him in a week for a follow-up, and probably put him on beta-blockers for his heart.

      Now getting all those pills into him is another story... We're still experimenting.

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      That's good for Elvis that he recovered. He will definitely need something to prevent clots in future and well done for getting immediate treatment. He will also need to have a heart scan if he hasn't had one and medication for that. If his breathing rate changes he needs to be seen quickly.
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