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48875RE: Any experience with Pet Insurance?

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  • jarsterjunk
    Sep 2, 2013
      Hi Cindi. The big deal with insurance is the pre existing condition clause. When you research buying find out right away how that is handled.   We have VPI insurance. It's all right but the payment schedule and amount they reimburse isn't great even though we have their top plan. We got that when both of our cats were healthy and we were not focused on bigger health issues. They reimburse for preventative care which other plans do not.   We wanted to switch to Trupanion, and actually have that going concurrent now, but the pain in the butt problem is that they will not cover anything related to pre existing conditions. The day we literally signed up for Trupanion our indoor cat had her first seizure out of the blue...and they have a 30 day waiting period so we immediately fell into the pre existing condition bucket. But they cover 90% of costs. If we had to do this all over again and insure from the get go we'd deprioritize the preventative care.   There is some good research online that compares plans but in the end you really do have to put the time in with calls to understand how your cat (and his/her conditions) are handled.   Not sure this helps but we're happy to discuss further if that will help you. Best regards, JR & Crew              

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