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48873Re: Echo results for Novaya - "subclinical" changes?

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  • elfinmyst
    Sep 2, 2013
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      The regurgitation is common in pedigree cats. Quite a few of mine have it
      and it doesn't affect their quality of life and the cardiologist said it
      wouldn't progress. BUT you're cat has signs of mild HCM too. The next echo
      will be very helpful and show if it is progressing but in the meantime you
      need to get a resting breathing rate. Wait until she is asleep and count per
      10 seconds and multiply at 6. Note how she breathes and what the rate is.
      Then you will notice any changes quickly if she starts developing more heart
      disease and can contact the vet. Anything over 30 is vet time alarm and
      over 40 tends to be emergency.

      Also ask the cardiologist is there a risk of clots too.


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