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  • qtip61
    Sep 1, 2013
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      My 4-yr old purebred Russian Blue female Novaya was recently diagnosed with a grade 1-2 new heart murmur.  Based on that finding, my vet recommended an echocardiogram.  Having had a cat with a grade 2-3 murmur that never indicated heart disease, and in Aug 2010 losing Java at 2 yrs 4 mos to HCM, after dx only 6 wks earlier...I'm familiar with this drill.  Vet said "good news" - in that no enlargement of heart chambers.   However.... Here is the dx & comments, per cardiologist who took the echo: "mild diffuse thickening of the aortic valve leaflets without reduced excursion" "aortic valve disease - mild aortic regurgitation - changes mild and subclinical - R/O congenital vs acquired" "mild papillary muscle hypertrophy and E-A reversal are suggestive of mild/early HCM" "aortic valve changes appear to be acquired but this would be atypical in such a young cat" "trace to mild mitral regurgitation present" I'm not worried about the mitral valve regurgitation, because I had a grade 1 murmur myself, due to that condition,  had no activity restrictions - and 3 yrs of distance running seems to have eliminated the murmur. Recheck Novaya in 6 mos.  Meanwhile, I'm trying to get this little gal to take some CoQ10 (50mg) with her wet food and she detects it and often refuses.  She will take powders - hawthorne or taurine.   I hate the thought of having yet another cat with HCM.  She is against typical profile: female, purebred of a breed not having HCM history. I am not sure how the vet concluded "good news" -  that would have been no changes indicative of HCM.  I've had 2 asthmatic cats, one cat that had rectal cancer, and by far, HCM is the nastiest, least predictable of diseases.  Anybody out there have any ideas on the dx & comments?  And any ideas on how I can make some improvements, perhaps, while the situation is still "subclinical"?  I know from my own situation that in some circumstances, valves can be strengthened and restored to normal function. Chris San Jose, Ca
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