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48869Re: 10 years old Ginger been dianose with HCM

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  • r schu
    Sep 1, 2013
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      Not sure if this has been said, but from what I've learned, enalapril (and ace inhibitor) is cleared more by the kidneys than benazepril (ace inhibitor as well).  My May has crf and hcm and instead of enalapril, we put her on benazepril, and though she had advanced kidney disease, her kidneys did not decline from the benazepril.

      So, my advice would be to switch to benazepril instead of enalapril if and when possible.

      -Lee and Miss May
      1 night crying me and my husband decided even there is no hope for
      cure, we still want to buy some quality time with Ginger. We called the
      vet next day to organise medicine in liquid form (Ginger is a very
      grumpy cat and don't want to stress him up with tablet). It will takes 4
      days for the medicine arrive (I am in Australia, everything is too slow
      here), confirmed with the vet it will contains Latsix and Enalapril.

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