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  • Laurie Stead
    Sep 1, 2013
      I am copying the group as there is a wealth of knowledge out there.

      Yes make the appointment with the cardiologist right away - chances are by the the time they can see you the blood work will be back and if not you can have it done there. Your vet can send copies of the x-rays or you can pick up a copy and bring them with you to the appointment.  Our cardiologist ended up taking x-rays again since the vet x-rays were grainy and hard to read.

      I am glad Henry is breathing well.  Yes he has been through a lot and his body is adjusting to the meds so he will be tired.

      As for taking is RRR, while Henry is at rest (not in a deep sleep and not awake where he is smelling or watching out the window kinda thing) count his inward breaths over 10 seconds - multiply that # by 6.  In the 20s is normal,  30+ is a warning of trouble and 40+ emergency.    Getting used to what is normal for Henry will alert you in the future to any issues.

      Laurie and Boo

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      Thank you for replying. The vet hasn't told me anything about measuring his heart/breathing rate. I can get to a cardiologist-I'm in the UK but one is about an hour away. I wondered if he wouldn't see us until the blood results are back? The xray showed fluid but also a definite line at the bottom of Henry's heart. The vet said could be his lung or a thrombosis hence my fear. I was going to speak to my vet tomorrow and see if he'd send the xray to the cardiologist anyway for an opinion whilst we wait for the blood tests? At the moment Henry gets tired but otherwise looks and behaves normally.
      Henry's insured so can have what he needs treatment wise from a financial perspective.
      I'm just in shock. My vet is a very negative chap-everything's always a disaster so I'm hoping his comments are exaggerated. He suggested the cardiologist though so he's not given up. Anyway I wouldn't let him.
      Knowledge is power for me and currently I feel I'm drowning and don't know what's happening. I will fight with Henry but need to know what we're fighting.
      Thank you again.

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, Laurie Stead <kittykatwhiskas@...> wrote:
      > I am so sorry to hear of Rupert's passing and Henry's dx.  It's tough to accept such a dx and wrap your mind around it, especially after dealing with Rupert's loss.  But please know there is hope for Henry.  The fact that Henry is now receiving lasix should be helping his breathing.  Unfortunately most vets miss heart disease and it isn't until they are in heart failure that the diagnosis is made.
      > Henry really needs to see a cardiologist for an ultrasound.  Knowing exactly what type of heart disease will allow for the best treatment.  There are meds that can be given to prevent blood clotting (aspirin may not be the best choice) that would cause the thrombosis your vet scared you about. Not sure if the vet was trying to "prepare you for the worse" or he has given up on Henry but I know you
      >  haven't and you shouldn't.  Henry is obviously a fighter as he responded to the treatment on Friday so get him in to a cardiologist as soon as possible. 
      > How is his breathing today?  Did the vet show you how to count his resting respiratory rate (RRR)?  This is the best way to know if fluid is building back up.  If it does, additional lasix will be needed.  RRR above 30 is a warning and above 40 is emergency.
      > My Boo suffered cardiac heart failure and it will be 2 yrs in Oct!  Every kitty responds differently to treatment but I wanted you to know you should have hope.
      > Laurie and Boo

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