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  • Laurie Stead
    Sep 1, 2013
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      I am so sorry to hear of Rupert's passing and Henry's dx.  It's tough to accept such a dx and wrap your mind around it, especially after dealing with Rupert's loss.  But please know there is hope for Henry.  The fact that Henry is now receiving lasix should be helping his breathing.  Unfortunately most vets miss heart disease and it isn't until they are in heart failure that the diagnosis is made.

      Henry really needs to see a cardiologist for an ultrasound.  Knowing exactly what type of heart disease will allow for the best treatment.  There are meds that can be given to prevent blood clotting (aspirin may not be the best choice) that would cause the thrombosis your vet scared you about. Not sure if the vet was trying to "prepare you for the worse" or he has given up on Henry but I know you
      haven't and you shouldn't.  Henry is obviously a fighter as he responded to the treatment on Friday so get him in to a cardiologist as soon as possible. 

      How is his breathing today?  Did the vet show you how to count his resting respiratory rate (RRR)?  This is the best way to know if fluid is building back up.  If it does, additional lasix will be needed.  RRR above 30 is a warning and above 40 is emergency.

      My Boo suffered cardiac heart failure and it will be 2 yrs in Oct!  Every kitty responds differently to treatment but I wanted you to know you should have hope.

      Laurie and Boo

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      Subject: [FH] So frightened

      Things are very hard for me and I really need some support, sorry.
      Three weeks ago Rupert rabbit died after a nearly six week battle with a thymoma. It was horrific and his death has devastated us.
      Two days after Rupert was pts, I took Henry my 5 year old Persian to the vet as I'd noticed that after climbing the stairs he would be a bit breathless and mouth breathe for a couple of minutes. He sounded as though he had a respiratory infection. Emily his sister has severe allergies so I thought it might be that.
      The vet asked me if Henry had had a heart murmur since birth the first I knew of a heart murmur. The vet gave me antibiotics and said to come back if Henry worsened breathing wise.
      He's seemed fine these last couple of weeks. I intended to take Henry back for tests but I've been unwell and the vet didn't say the murmur needed tests just that I could have them if I wanted.
      On Thursday Henry slept all day. He was exhausted. I booked in for a vet appointment as my gut felt uneasy.
      On Friday I left Henry at the vet for tests. X rays showed fluid in his lungs, the first vet said his murmur was considerably worse, bloods were done and I was telephoned and told Henry has congestive heart failure. Henry's on .6 of furusimide once daily, 1/2 an aspirin every three days and one tablet of nitro daily.
      The vet said Henry hasn't got long, that a thrombosis is likely and that I'll find him gasping for air one day soon.
      I can't understand this. After Rupert this is too much. Henry'salways been really well, full of life and he'd last had his chest listened to when he had a GA in June. How can this happen so quickly?
      I'm terrified. I've had no experience of this. What will happen? It's only me and my animals and they're my world.
      What do I do? I'm so frightened and can't understand this at all. I'm sorry. Please help me.


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