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48863RE: question about Plavix and appetite loss

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  • barbarasanfrancisco
    Sep 1, 2013
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      Thanks Laurie and Lyn and everyone who commented about the (lack of) appetite suppression with Plavix.  I'll discuss it with the vet; he is equivocal about using this or even aspirin because of the lack of proven clinical effectiveness (few trials have been done). As long as it doesn't cause harm, I'd like to start it.  A saddle embolus or a stroke would be dreadful. Best to all, Barbara --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, <kittykatwhiskas@...> wrote: Hi Barbara -

      Boo was dx with DCM Oct 2011 and has been taking Plavix ever since. She has never thankfully suffered from a clot. It has solely been prescribed as a preventative drug.  She takes this along with lasix, benazepril, and vetmedin.    I have not seen any issue with her appetite when adding Plavix.  Boo's cardiologist informed me Plavix "is an anti-clotting drug and may help to prevent inappropriate clotting with Boo's heart". 

      Does Sheck have a cardiologist?  I would always consult with them before adding/removing any meds.

      Laurie and Boo

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      Subject: [FH] question about Plavix and appetite loss

      I am considering starting Sheck on it - wanting to do everything possible to prevent the dreaded saddle embolus complication.  She is taking a microdose of baby aspirin every 3 days, and this would be an addition.

      I've read that at "higher doses" it makes cats anorexic (this from a summary of three trials using it to anticoagulate).  The author didn't specify the dose, but because Sheck's just starting to eat again, I'm reluctant.  What is your experience?

      My vet tells me that there is no documented evidence that this drug prevents saddle embolus in cats.  But the studies seem to conclude that it produces anticoagulation in cats. I need to discuss it with him more, but I wanted to get the group's expertise too. My vet's away till Monday.  What do you all think?


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