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48855Re: 10 years old Ginger been dianose with HCM

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  • elfinmyst
    Aug 31, 2013

      I am sorry to hear of Ginger. Has he had the ultrasound to confirm the type
      of heart disease? I am glad you are going to give Ginger a chance as heart
      disease can be controlled and helped. My girl was diagnosed as a 12 week
      kitten with serious HCM and was given a few months to live. She is seven
      years old now, despite a heart attack. The drugs will help Ginger's heart and
      remove fluid off his lungs.

      I would be wary with Ginger's diet. You mention chicken and salmon, which
      is good but he needs either a complete cat food or the addition of taurine
      if he isn't having food for cats. Lack of taurine can cause heart problems
      too. If he isnt getting taurine, he needs a good quality complete food for

      If his kidneys are affected, it is stil important to give the drugs as the
      heart has to come first. But you can ask for the lasix to be lowered and
      changing enalapril for benazepril which helps if needed.

      Count his breaths and learn his normal rhythm. If it goes over 30 a minute
      (whilst resting/sleeping) then it is time to worry, over 40 is usually an
      emergency. This is only at rest. See how he normally breathes then you can
      notice changes.

      Definitely get CoQ, but dont stop suddenly if you do. And ask the vet does
      he need anything to prevent clots.

      :) Lyn

      _www.myfurkids.co.uk_ (http://www.myfurkids.co.uk/)

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