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48789[FH] Re: HyPOthyroid- heart issues connection

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  • Maggie Wilson
    Aug 25, 2013
      Hi Cindi-

      Per last bw last week- and he's been eating about the same- it was 2.9 (2.5-3.9). Although, ranges don't necessarily mean much to Miles. He can be low potassium symptomatic w/n low normal- which is was last week. I've been trying to up the K having found a liquid Ionic potassium his stomach tolerates. It also has a little magnesium in it- of which he also was below normal and now low normal even after supping.

      The week before his bicarbonate was high along w/ low chloride and low potassium, low magnesium and the university vets, for some reason, didn't think it was a problem- I'm still trying to learn these electrolyte correlations but I do know they have a significant impact on the heart which I thought a cardiologist would know.

      If anyone has experience w/ the electrolyte side of things as well causing fluid/heart issues, I'd appreciate it.

      I read somewhere metabolic acidosis can cause effusions also. The issue, though, is the speed in which its coming if the heart is not much worse since d/x. It seems it must be coming from the lymphatic side maybe?- like a blockage or something- and I don't know much about the lungs correlation if anyone knows anything...............

      I just think if the vets think this fast fluid build up is impossible, you'd think there is some other correlation to investigate....

      maybe Albumin has to come up further? When you mother's effusions were abated w/ raising the albumin- where on BW, did she have to maintain it? Just curious.....

      has anyone had a cat w/ pericaritis?

      Thank you, Cindi..................


      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, Cindi <dittykat@...> wrote:
      > Brenda,
      > Is his albumin reading low?
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      > On Sun, Aug 25, 2013 at 2:04 PM, Maggie Wilson wrote:
      > > Thank you so much for responding, Judith. I'd really like to ask you
      > > more questions. I've been a member of all the thyroid groups +
      > > adrenals etc- to learn as we've been dealing w/ endocrine issues since
      > > Dec 2010 but it seems you have some different info.
      > >
      > > Hemopet and Dr. Dodds has been on Miles' case since the beginning.
      > > Lately I've been communicating w/ her daily as we recently began Miles
      > > on 1/4 grain Armour. No one can figure him out. He's reacted to the
      > > synthetic hormones including T3-cytomel.
      > >
      > > She said it will take several wks until retest so I'd like to know
      > > more about what you know w/ animals responding quickly, not building
      > > systemically, etc. when you get a moment.
      > >
      > > He's building fluid very fast-pleural effusion w/ RCM- yet his recent
      > > last echo says his heart is 'surprisingly' almost the same-just slight
      > > worsening since d/x in April. The cardiologist was surprised so this
      > > very fast fluid build-up- and I mean w/n hours of a tap, he's
      > > respirating again. So this fast fluid build-up is making me look like
      > > I'm a crazy cat lady b/c the vets (5)- and one in particular, keeps
      > > debating me even though she sent us home twice only to tap 180 ml 2
      > > days late all the while I was giving 30mg injection lasix a day.
      > > Miles can't handle much more than that dehydration wise and I've had
      > > to up it again w/n the last few days.
      > >
      > > I don't want to waste time here, but the lack of care in my area is
      > > atrocious. They think of him as a certain age and don't even read the
      > > BW- so I'm trying to treat his low electrolytes, read about high WBC's
      > > myself. Because the vets think this fast fluid build is impossible, I
      > > believe there is something causing it and underlying the RCM
      > > (idiopathic of course). Low thyroid being one- possibly lung
      > > infection as another.
      > >
      > > I very very much appreciate anything anyone has to share. You never
      > > know when your experiences will help someone. I've been helped
      > > tremendously through everyone's stories.
      > >
      > > Thank you Judith for taking the time.
      > >
      > > Brenda
      > >
      > > --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "JudithG" <goldbe50@> wrote:
      > >>
      > >> Yes, hypothyroidism affects heart function. It affects the entire
      > >> body and the personality. Untreated will lead to death.
      > >>
      > >> My angel Bianca went hypoT after I-131. Even with full thyroid
      > >> panels, it didn't show. Being hypoT myself (which is why I always
      > >> asked for a full panel) and it taking almost a year until diagnosed,
      > >> I've always felt I should have caught the symptoms. At the time,
      > >> there wasn't much info online about post I-131 treatment problems
      > >> plus it isn't done where I lived. I later found out hypoT after I-131
      > >> is very common.
      > >>
      > >> Is Miles on thyroid replacement hormone now? He should be. The dosage
      > >> is huge compared to human dosage and often needs to be given twice a
      > >> day. A consult with Cornell Feline resulted in the suggestion to test
      > >> twelve hours apart, the same day, to ensure the dosage is correct.
      > >> With humans, the hormone is systemic, builds up in your system. Not
      > >> so with cats (and dogs). Plus factor is you don't have to wait 3
      > >> months to feel better. Works fast. Bianca went from depressed to her
      > >> old self in no time.
      > >>
      > >> You might join the feline hyperthyroid group to get further
      > >> information.
      > >>
      > >> Judith
      > >>
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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