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48773Re: HyPOthyroid- heart issues connection

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  • JudithG
    Aug 23, 2013
      Yes, hypothyroidism affects heart function. It affects the entire body and the personality. Untreated will lead to death.

      My angel Bianca went hypoT after I-131. Even with full thyroid panels, it didn't show. Being hypoT myself (which is why I always asked for a full panel) and it taking almost a year until diagnosed, I've always felt I should have caught the symptoms. At the time, there wasn't much info online about post I-131 treatment problems plus it isn't done where I lived. I later found out hypoT after I-131 is very common.

      Is Miles on thyroid replacement hormone now? He should be. The dosage is huge compared to human dosage and often needs to be given twice a day. A consult with Cornell Feline resulted in the suggestion to test twelve hours apart, the same day, to ensure the dosage is correct. With humans, the hormone is systemic, builds up in your system. Not so with cats (and dogs). Plus factor is you don't have to wait 3 months to feel better. Works fast. Bianca went from depressed to her old self in no time.

      You might join the feline hyperthyroid group to get further information.

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