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48765HyPOthyroid- heart issues connection

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  • Maggie Wilson
    Aug 22, 2013
      Hello Everyone-

      Miles has hyPOthyroid due to I-131 radiation after being hyPER. Over the course of time, I've tried to supplement him when it was determined his thyroid wasn't kicking back in after the radiation. He reacted to a couple supplements then my other kitty was d/x w/ oral cancer which took my attention. I was out of my mind- long con't story.

      My reason for writing is-

      I think some of these heart issues may very well stem from a possible hyPO status. The regular T4 test at the vet is very very limited and does not tell the entire picture. It's important to run a full thyroid panel.

      If an animal is hyPO (and T4 can be 'normal' at vet's office) as is Miles' T4, yet his full panel says something entirely different, possible thyroid supplementation may help w/ the heart and all bodily functions.

      Hemopet, run by Dr. Jean Dodds, will do a full panel at about $75. We send our own serum- and serum can be sent via priority mail.

      I just wanted to put it out there. I'm still learning myself.

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