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48720Re: What to do with CHF cat during trip?

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  • Carole McGivney
    Aug 19, 2013
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      Such a tough decision and one that I may face soon too. My heart kitty, Saylor, also has crf and is just now starting to need medications. Last year I boarded him at my vets which is exclusively a feline practice.

      Initially he became stressed at suddenly being confined even though I rented him a spacious condo. Fortunately the boarding staff recognized his stress and let him out and also rocked him to soothe him. He settled down and my absence only last a few days (much like your situation). The vets office also welcomed my calls from the road and readily communicated via email.

      Yes it would be nice if a pet sitter would come in but there is no guarantee that your kitty would make himself available for medication and there is a risk that the sitter wouldn't recognize a need for emergency care.

      Sorry you are faced with this decision but I'm sure with careful thought you will make the decision that is most comfortable for yourself and your kitty.


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