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48719Re: [FH] What to do with CHF cat during trip?

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  • Debbie Loffredo
    Aug 19, 2013
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      I am sorry for your loss and I hope you find a comfortable solution.

      I don't believe the intent was to be rude or harsh but to say it was "it is
      Ok to want to put your cat first" because so many get quilted in "well it is
      just a cat", the huge problem was the assumptions behind the meaning of the
      term "boyfriend". She said "it is not like you are married OR SOMETHING".
      I think you fall into the OR SOMETHING category. Some people will term
      significant other or in this type a situation call them a fiancé/fiancée
      (even if not really) for the significance to be clear in one word.

      I would check with the vet and see if there is a vet tech who would "pet
      sit" him as first choice. 2nd to board him at the vet's, if he is too
      stressed they can give him something (I know cardiologist had offered me
      something for the 1-1/2 hr car ride home but my cat was surprisingly good in
      the car). Vets will also be prepared to syringe feed if needed. They know
      this is sick kitty and will monitor and treat as hospitalized.

      From: "C" <danishclev@...>
      Sent: Sunday, August 18, 2013 9:28 PM
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      Subject: Re: [FH] What to do with CHF cat during trip?

      > Wow - Westgold, talk about completely rude and not helpful. You have no
      > idea what you're talking about. Where do you get that I hardly know his
      > family or anything else you came up with?
      > Not that it's any of your business, but my boyfriend and I have been
      > together for seven years. We live together. We're not 12. He comes home at
      > lunch every day to give my cat his midday lasix. I've stayed in his
      > parents home many times and they've stayed in mine. So like I said, not
      > going isn't an option. No one is pressuring me to go, it's what I want to
      > and feel is only right to do. I'm devastated at the early loss of a kind
      > man. And while I love my cats dearly, I do think the important people in
      > our lives come first.
      > I really hope you reconsider before posting advice in the future.
      > --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "Westgold" <westgold@...> wrote:
      >> If your boyfriend truly loves you he will understand that you cannot go
      >> on this trip. The stress of this trip will probably be too much for your
      >> poor kitty, no matter what you do. If you come home and find your kitty
      >> dead, you will always harbor resentment against your boyfriend for making
      >> you go. He's only your boyfriend, it's not like you're married or
      >> something. At this time, your kitty is WAY more important. Your kitty
      >> needs you SO much more than his family, who hardly know you anyway --
      >> they won't care that much if you're not there, they have their own things
      >> to deal with. I know he'd like to have you with him at this tough time,
      >> but don't let him pressure you into abandoning your dear kitty companion
      >> who needs you a LOT MORE.
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      >> From: C
      >> To: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com
      >> Sent: Sunday, August 18, 2013 7:50 PM
      >> Subject: [FH] What to do with CHF cat during trip?
      >> So one of my fears has come true: we have to go out of town and leave
      >> my diagnosed-2-months ago CHF kitty...somewhere. My boyfriend's father
      >> died, so there's really no option of not going to pay my respects.
      >> After a really scary moment that prompted the diagnosis, Mikko had a
      >> ton of fluid in an around his lungs, he's been pretty stable since the we
      >> got the right med dosages worked out. But he gets 7 pills spread out over
      >> three times per day. Before when we went out of town we have our
      >> neighbors and fellow cats people check on and feed the cats, but I can't
      >> ask them to give Mikko all those pills. Especially since it can be a
      >> challenge to get them down him.
      >> My options are:
      >> 1. Board him with the vet, or another boarding facility. I've never
      >> boarded any of my cats and my little 14yr old spitfire HATES strange cats
      >> and really, really hates dogs. So I'm worried if even a secluded cattery
      >> would work for him.
      >> 2. Take him with us - But it's a five hour drive and he doesn't love
      >> car rides either (though admittedly most are to the vets), plus the
      >> boyfriends parents have 3 cats of their own, so even though Mikko could
      >> stay in his own room alone, that would still be really stressful.
      >> I'm leaning toward leaving him at the vet's, provided he won't be stuck
      >> in a tiny cage or anything. They are the only ones I feel confident can
      >> get him to take pills no matter what, and if the worst happens, they can
      >> treat him. Surely a cat who has made it through so much, can handle three
      >> days boarding?
      >> I don't think finding a pet sitter I can trust in the short amount of
      >> time I have is really an option, plus I don't like the idea of him only
      >> being checked on for less than an hour per day.
      >> Mikko's heart is really bad the cardiologists say and he only has weeks
      >> to months, although it's kind of hard to believe that with how he's
      >> acting now. And I may just be paranoid, but I think his breathing may be
      >> a bit more pronounced lately when he's not at rest.
      >> What would you do if it were your cat? I'm scared to death I'm going to
      >> go to a funeral and come home to another.
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