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48709Re: [FH] Re: Emergency: NOT receiving heparin right now

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  • Karen Plasket
    Aug 17, 2013
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      Hi Zoe,
      Scotch does need Heparin, or at the very least baby aspirin. I've used DMSO very successfully in small animals, but not in a cat with saddle thrombus...we use 1mL of DMSO and add 9mL of sterile water or saline. In my opinion, it would be worth it to try this, and should not affect any other health issue (and the heart trumps other organs). Every doctor has their opinion on treatments, and what they are personally comfortable with. I try to give my clients all the options, and let them help with the best decision for their own pet.
      Karen Plasket, DVM

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      Hi all,

      I asked my sister to come on the group to ask these questions for me as I was in the ER so there are some misinformation. Right now the ER vet is NOT treating Scotch with any heparin. He is currently on pain killer and will be given lasix because he panicked when his hind legs went limp and started panting. He panted all the way to the ER and is breathing quite fast at the moment. The ER vet said that the use of anticogulant is very controversial and in his opinion, it is the best to wait until the cat is stabilized to give him heparin. But, I am not sure whether if the ER vet really felt so or he wanted to not go ahead with the treatment until he consult with a internist TOMORROW morning. He is also very strong in 'informing' me that euthanasia is the best way to go and pause every now and then to wait for me to change my mind about treating him. It's made me desperate and insecure in the situation. I don't know how I can give up hope on such a young cat. He is only 5 years old and I just can't, not without trying. Even when he is in oxygen tank, he still respond to my touch well, dragged his limp legs to turn around just so he can see me face to face.

      Please let me know your opinion on what is the best time to use heparin in your experience? I'm concern about waiting for an extended period time before giving any anti-clot treatment.

      I will be researching as much as possible well. And will be visiting my cat later tonight. Will take any opinion and research to the vet with me. Thank you all so much.


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      > Hi
      > Heparin and painkillers are standard.. good you got him there quickly.
      > There was something about using DMSO but I dont know how that works, maybe the
      > vet does? I hope someone else knows about that.. I`m so sorry, it's very
      > serious, I`ll pray for you.
      > Lyn
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