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  • Carol
    Aug 16, 2013
      If a vet is not familiar with administering intravenous DMSO, you shouldn't have them do it. It's not a common practice and can be dangerous if the vet's not familiar with it.

      Usually they'll give IV heparin and pain killers. It's a waiting game to see if they respond. One of our cats had the same thing and after about 3 days in the hospital, they sent him home with heparin injections we gave him, for 10 days, then after that baby aspirin, but we only did the aspirin for a few days and then switched him over to Nattokinase, which is an enzyme that digests clots.

      After Christopher came home, we did a lot of massaging his leg (he had only one that went lame), giving him Rescue Remedy flower essence to help with the stress. It took about a month, but he did gain back the use of his leg.

      We'll your boy in our prayers.

      Carol, Misty and the gang

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      My cat threw a clot just 90 minutes ago. My doctor gave me a similar opinion on my cat's condition now, and I was wondering if I should ask to give him DMSO right now. And he has asthma, so will it be harmful to use DMSO? Please let me know. Thanks so much.

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      > I want to share a lifesaving option that my vet used on my 4yr old cat when he threw a blood clot resulting in saddle thrombus.

      > One of the receptionists over heard the discussion with my regular vet and spoke up suggesting I speak with the facility owner and senior vet which I did. The senior vet knew of an old school uncommon treatment. It was worth a shot. That night I came in and Baxter was given and injection of 1/10th DMSO into his veins. This is used commonly for horses and humans but not for small animals. DMSO promotes circulation and breaks up clots. It can also be used on dogs and cats with liver failure to flush the liver or so I've been told. The senior vet had used this treatment for cats that had thrown blood clots and had saddle thrombus, in all her cases the cats never threw a clot again and recovered from saddle thrombus and walked again. The only side effect is an over powering smell of Rotten Garlic coming from your cat for about a week.
      > After the first treatment of DMSO Baxter regained circulation in his tail and one of his hind legs. Two days later we did a second treatment of DMSO. After 24 hrs Baxter had full circulation to all parts of his body. He started walking on the hind foot that was last to regain circulation.

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