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48693Re: Fortekor - split the dose?

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  • elfinmyst
    Aug 16, 2013
      Hi Katie

      I am sorry to hear Froo is sick. If his breathing is bad, that's a sign
      fluid is building up and usually time to contact the cardiologist. He may
      need more drugs than Fortekor and furosemide.

      Some of mine split their fortekor 12 hours apart but Josh has his in the
      morning in one dose. I prefer to split mine to keep the dose steady.

      Can you tell us what dose of drugs he is on? There are other drugs he could
      take like vetmedin and atenolol if needed.

      Keep an eye on breaths per minute and change of breathing style, like
      deeper breaths and doubles. If this happens it is a warning of fluid build up.
      Over 30 is caution and over 40 emergency. This is breathing at rest, when he
      is totally relaxed.

      I would think about adding CoQ at 30mg from the health store. All my heart
      cats take it. Once you start though, don't stop suddenly so if he goes into
      hospital he needs to have it with him for them to give. A lot of heart
      cats here take it.

      Don't worry about prognosis. Trixi, my calico British was diagnosed as a 3
      month kitten with advanced HCM and given 2 months to live. That was 7 YEARS
      ago!! Froo hasn't heard the prognosis, cats can and do live long ahnd
      happy lives with HCM. He has no clue he is sick, enjoy each day and relax. He
      will pick up on your unhappy moods.



      _www.myfurkids.co.uk_ (http://www.myfurkids.co.uk/)

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