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48656Re: My first cat with possible heart disease

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  • Jordan
    Aug 9 11:29 AM
      Hi Diane,

      I have a himalayn kitty, Sheba who has been diagnosed with feline asthma and unclassified cardiomyopathy. This has been diagnosed by a cardiologist.

      However, the cardiologist (and other vets) have never been able to detect a heart murmur by sethoscope. Yet, Sheba's heart is enlarged and she does have heart disease. This has been confirmed on her cardiac ultrasounds.

      If it is possible that you kitty has heart disease, I would highly recommend you do not give any oral steriods or injections to this kitty. This could push him into congestive heart failure (CHF).

      Sheba is on inhaled steriods and this is the preferred method. Flovent is administered via the AeroKat inhaler and allows the medication to go directly to the lungs where it is needed without any systemic effects to the vital organs. It also does interfere with her heart medications taken orally.

      You may email me private and I can tell you where you can get inhalers very reasonable.

      Good luck,
      Jordan and Sheba

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