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48647Re: [FH] probable heart disease, possible heart tumor?

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  • psychoforkaatz
    Aug 7 11:15 PM
      Definitely not doing steroids. My friend was able to get funds and found a vet with more knowledge than last. Going in monday for BW and probably chest tap and u/s. Last vet suspected tumor. This all started with bloody diarreah and lethargy, cat went in, had xrays and depo shot. Vet saw possible tumor on heart but too much fluid to see clearly. Cat started having respiratory issues, which is when vet said asthma and would give another steroid shot but had to wait, was too soon. I told my friend no steroids if heart disease is suspected, asthma doesnt cause fluids. If was asthma, I'm very familiar with inhaled steroids. Her second cat got bloody diarreah right after first cat. I think its coccidia or giardia. Told her to have vet test. I wonder about heartworm? Could have caused mass in heart, and symptoms. Has anyone had a cat with a heart tumor? I've never heard of one, and I've had two HCM kitties.

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      > Hi
      > Steroids will push further into heart failure. Steroids only if life
      > threatening without them, and lasix is essential to pull fluid if there are
      > breathing difficulties. I agree a cardiologist is vital and if there is a
      > possibility of asthma, go for the inhaled drugs instead, they're much safer.
      > Lyn
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