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48580Re: [FH] B vitamin Supplement - dosage

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  • marianna.mayer
    Aug 1, 2013
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      Thought you'd like to see what supplements go into the home prepped meals...
      *Healthy Mix recipe: all dry ingredients...
      4 cups any good quality nutritional yeast powder
      2 cups lecithin granules
      ½ cup kelp powder
      1/4 cup powdered eggshells [recipe for powdered eggshells to come, if you’d like it]
      3000 mgs of Vitm. C, preferably with bioflavonoids included

      Liquid ingredients:
      liquid vitm E
      Wild Salmon oil



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      Hi, Jim.
      All my cats get vitm. supplementation...whether they have a specific health condition or not. I have a special home prepared recipe, and in that mix I do add a combination of specially selected vitamins [it's called ''healthy mix'']. But I give daily doses of other supplements which include extra powdered taurine and lysine. Also dose daily in liquid form the following... coq10, colloidal silver, acetyl l-carnitine. As with Leigh's cats, none of mine feel this is a hardship.
      The ''Heathy Mix'' includes:


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