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48575Re: [FH] B vitamin Supplement - dosage

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  • Leigh Arrathoon
    Aug 1, 2013
      Dear Jim,
      As a vitamin freak for almost 40 years, and a giver a B-vitamins to
      all my cats for 10 years, I'm here to tell you that B-vitamins are not
      only wonderful, but necessary for all cats. It calms them (pantothenic
      acid) and makes their coats beautiful, besides fortifying their immune
      systems. I use Mega B-Stress by Solaray, 1 capsule per cat. I empty the
      capsule into a little cup, with 10 other vitamins (including Super
      Ubiquinol with mitochondrial support, Vitamin E - d'alpha-tocopherols,
      dandelion root [prevents swelling], Feline Immune System Support, Hepatic
      and Whole body support for one cat, renal support for another cat, B-6 for
      one cat [because I don't use Lasix, and B-6 is a natural diuretic, with no
      side effects, like Lasix--and I am not advocating giving up Lasix, as it
      might be more effective - I don't know, but it does have the ability to
      collapse all the cells, which B-6 does not], Lysine, Acetyl L-Carnitine
      [for the same cat to help lose weight] and FloraSmart [probiotic with no
      calcium]. When all of these are out of the capsule or ground up [I have a
      pill grinder], I mix them with Gerber's baby food [ham, turkey, or beef],
      or, in one case, bottled water. I take each cat into the bath tub, and
      administer it by hand [I do the liquefied one with a dropper]. It smells
      hideous, but all of my cats love me and patiently put up with the vitamin
      thing. I always give them each at least four droppers of bottled water
      after the vitamins, and they have fountains to drink from too, which they
      do, because cats love the waterfall thing.

      Anyway, they're all very healthy and happy cats. They don't hate me;
      in fact, they all kiss me, follow me around like puppy dogs, sleep with
      me, and require cuddling, probably because I hold them in my lap when I'm
      giving the vitamins. I do remember that 12 years ago, when I started using
      vitamins with cats, I made quite a mess, but I've gotten very handy with
      it. Only my big fellow, who has a snow white face, requires that his face
      be washed once a week, with a toothbrush and some cat shampoo. I also brush
      all their teeth every day after the vitamins.

      All my best,

      On Thu, Aug 1, 2013 at 6:32 AM, Jim <jim64299@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Hello
      > Alot of cat owners give their cats a B vitamin supplement due to the fact
      > that they are giving a diuretic to their cat which causes them to urinate
      > more and thus possibly deplete the B vitamins in the cats.
      > Since my cat is getting more furosamide now, .1 ml,twice daily of 50 mg/ml
      > lasix injection I thought it might be prudent to add some b vitamins to his
      > diet. I was wondering how much other cat owners are giving.
      > Since B vitamins are water soluable it is hard to overdose since any
      > excess would pass thru the urine but it might affect the flavor of his food
      > ( I tasted it ...nicain tastes nasty ) I want to give as little as possible.
      > Thanks
      > james

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