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48573Re: [FH] TIFFANY_Stage 3 Heart Block

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  • nyppsi
    Jul 31, 2013
      A good friend has a Stage 3 heartblock cat (female Persian, 12 y.o.). Slow

      The cat's cardiologist is not giving her much hope or encouragement in re
      any options that might be available, e.g., meds, pacemaker, etc. I've
      recommended to her that she immediately see a second cardiologist at a
      different cardiology practice for a second opinion.

      However, I'd also appreciate any suggestions that the vets, techs or other
      listmembers can provide.

      My friend, who has some serious ailments of her own, is a "basket case",
      anything pointing to at least some form of palliative treatment and
      quality of life extension for this sweet cat (Tiffany) would be greatly

      I have the cat's visit report from the cardiologist (from several days
      ago), so if you have any questions about Tiffany's echocardiogram and EKG (or
      is it ECG? - I always get them confused) please contact me at
      __nyppsi@..._ (mailto:_nyppsi@...) _ (mailto:nyppsi@...) .

      Thanking you in advance.

      Dick Weavil

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