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48566Re: Pulmonary edema.....is chest xray the only definitive

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  • r schu
    Jul 30, 2013
      Jim, Lyn,

      I don't know, but just for thought, if he seems less energetic with the regular 5mg lasix, perhaps he is a bit dehydrated?  It took me a while to learn, and correct me if I'm wrong, that edema can't be treated with less fluid going in.  Lasix is needed to help fluid pass through.  But fluid is needed for life.  Thus May gets 25cc lrs twice a day, oral water, and some syringed broth.  Perhaps some more oral water, or water added to food would help your guy.

      -Lee and May
      Thanks Lyn...
      I guess Ill try to keep him at his maintaince dose of .1 ml lasix
      (50mg/ml) twice a day which works out to 5 mg of furosamide in the
      morning and 5 mg at night.
      Its not a problem injecting him,Ive been doing it for 2 years at smaller
      doses...but he seems more lethargic since i upped the dose...little
      things such as grooming himself after eating...he stopped and has less
      energy..his lungs are clear now...so the cardiologist doesnt want me
      lowering his dose without telling her...the thing is he had more energy
      and joie de vivre when he was walking around with pulmonary edema (which
      I didnt know he had)...i wasnt even going to bring him into the
      cardiologist for his 6 month check..cause i saw no symptoms of edema
      such as increase of respiration which was 26 breaths per minute,coughing
      etc...i was going to wait until the Fall to bring him in...for a
      check..but decided i shouldnt let it go past 6 months for his heart
      i think the lesson here is the only way to know for sure if edema is
      present is thru chest xray and that pulmonary edema may be present(fluid
      in lungs) without any physical symptoms...

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