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  • Jordan
    Jul 28 7:17 PM
      Hello All,

      Yesterday I took Sheba to the vet due to weight loss. The vet was not concerned about diabetes, but was concerned about her pancreas. She ordered a complete blood work, urinalysis and pancreas test. The in house snap test showed her pancreas was within normal range along with a electrolyte panel (potassium, sodium, calcium etc).

      So indicators are good, but all is still going to the lab for more comprehensive testing.

      This morning while bathing her I noticed her neck was purple near the area where the blood draw occurred. Is this a bruise due to the Plavix she is currently taking? If so, do I need to do anything to it?

      She seems totally unaffected by it. She is snoozing on her THRONE (my cal king bed) under her favorite ceiling fan. She even weighed a little heavier today :)

      But I am concerned about the purple mark on her neck. Do I need to be??

      Love and kitty kisses,
      Jordan and Sheba

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