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48501A bright spot during a dark time

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  • mountaineer732
    Jul 25, 2013
      To everyone on this group:
      I want to thank you for the overwhelming support, prayers, and love that you have all extended to me and by departed boy Bailey. The prayers prior to, during, and after his passing have been so incredible heartfelt it has brought me more comfort than you can imagine.

      I will stay in the group and can be emailed if you need a friend or have a question. I have posted a few more photos in Bailey's album and will continue to post over the next couple weeks.

      I never thought that a group could be so therapeutic when you didn't know each other but, if it weren't for my "heart family" from all across the globe, I don't think I could have made it. Since Bailey passed on Tuesday, I have felt so alone and despite the sun shining outside it has been very dark for me. It is hard to be vulnerable and I was able to do that here and your support reinforces I did the best thing for my boy.

      Bless you all and your kitties.

      You will always have a friend in me.
      Kimberly and fur-angel Bailey
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