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48431Re: Rhapsody's follow-up with Syracuse internist

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  • Jordan
    Jul 19, 2013

      My Sheba is a heart kitty and has feline asthma. I have started to give her about 1/8 tsp of psyllium powder 2x per day to produce bulky stools, and it seems to be working. Previously her stools were long and narrow.

      I have another kitty, Cameo, who once was backed up from a bad reaction to antibiotic (clindamycin) that killed all the good flora in her GI tract. Enemas did not work for her either. She required a deobstipation (surgical flushing) and was good as new and has never had a problem since. She though, is not a heart kitty.

      Good luck,
      Jordan, Sheba and Cameo

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