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48427Re: [FH] Rhapsody's follow-up with Syracuse internist

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  • Laurie Stead
    Jul 19, 2013
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      Can you borrow an a/c from someone for at least one window so there is one cool room in the house?  The heat is not good for a kitty with a heart condition.  He needs to be able to maintain a normal temp without effort.

      Does he receive miralax daily?  That will help soften new forming stool now that it sounds like his constipation has been relieved.  You don't want to put him through more suppositories and enemas unless completely necessary.

      He went through a lot yesterday. Hoping his breathing is better today.


      From: Jim Sinclair <jisincla@...>
      Sent: Friday, July 19, 2013 1:13 AM
      Subject: [FH] Rhapsody's follow-up with Syracuse internist

      Rhapsody did not poop after getting nearly a full 60 ml syringe of
      enema at the hospital. After a long wait, we decided to do another
      enema. I did
      this one myself with a clinic staff person coaching, to make sure I
      was able to do it. This time he took an entire 60 ml, and still
      nothing happened.

      It seemed odd to me that what they used as an enema solution was warm
      water with some KY jelly mixed into it. I asked, what about using
      glycerin? Amazingly, they did not have any glycerin at the hospital!

      After we waited and waited and waited some more, and he still didn't
      poop, I finally brought him home. On the way home he sat on my lap and
      did open-mouth panting. Since it was about 120 degrees in the van and
      the air conditioner is once again not working, I figured the panting
      was more likely from the heat than from asthma or heart disease.
      Instead of turning around and taking him back to the hospital, I
      rushed home as fast as I could and got him into the house (where it
      was "only" 86 degrees) and put him into a cage with a litter box so I
      could monitor his output. He got right into the litter box and pooped!
      A nice normal-looking poop, which would have been fine if he didn't
      have such a huge distended belly, but wasn't nearly enough for the
      amount of distention he had.

      I got a freezer block out of the freezer, wrapped it in a pillow
      cover, and put it in the cat bed in his cage to help him keep cool.
      Then I went out to buy ingredients for his latest diet adjustment.
      When I came home he still had not produced any more poop, so I gave
      him another glycerin suppository like the one I used last night. And
      just like last night, within about two minutes of getting the
      glycerin, he pooped. So he had two normal-looking bowel movements and
      no longer looks like he's in an advanced state of pregnancy, but I
      really expected the enemas to clear more than that out of him.

      Then I made him a batch of his new low-fiber food, and fed him dinner,
      and he liked it. :-)

      After dinner he lay next to me breathing very fast. It was up to 88 in
      here, so I think the heat was getting to him. I took the freezer block
      (which by that time was still cool but no longer ice cold) out of the
      cage and put it on my bed next to him, but I couldn't tell if it
      helped him or not.

      The heat wave is supposed to peak tomorrow, with temperatures even
      higher than today's and heat index over 100. I'm trying to figure out
      how I can help the critters make it through until the weekend when
      it's finally supposed to cool down.

      Jim Sinclair jisincla@...

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