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48420Help please re Kitty

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  • marina
    Jul 16, 2013
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      Hello Everyone,

      Quick question re my kitty, Kitty.

      Here in Florence, it's very hot and humid and I have no A/C. Tonight and a few days ago, Kitty was heaving and I thought it was a hairball but instead, she threw up some saliva.. Clear, no food, small amount ( 2x) and it wasn't after pilling ( now only in the morning and evening). She did this a few days ago as well.

      I called the vet and he thinks it could have something to do with her kidney function and then said she should be taking something to settle her stomach? I thought this was strange as she's been on her meds since Feb. She is eating, drinking and functioning normally otherwise. Vet said it might have to do with her kidneys. Last time her blood was checked was in April and her kidney values were a bit elevated. The vet suggested that she change to prilactone instead of Diuren ( Lasix).

      I thought perhaps it was due to the heat.

      Any thoughts? Sometimes I question the vet as he is not a cardiologist.

      Thank you so much for any insight you can provide.

      Baci from Marina and Kitty
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