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48418Re: Ember and PPDH

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  • elfinmyst
    Jul 16, 2013
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      Hi Lance

      I had a similar situation with Sam. He had a hernia and his intestines and
      part of his liver were pushing through the diaphragm into his chest cavity,
      giving him breathing difficulties. It happened after an accident several
      months before. We discussed surgery but Sam was 16 and had serious HCM and
      kidney issues and he was very unlikely to survive surgery.

      But Ember is only eleven and it is a much smaller hernia. I would have
      opted for surgery in those circumstances. The surgery involves opening the
      chest cavity and moving the contents back into the abdomen. During surgery the
      cat is artificially ventilated and then the diaphragm stitched.

      If her breathing is 60 bpm at rest that would suggest some degree of heart
      struggling and the sitting up oddly (sphinx position) is also a bid to
      breathe more easily. Has she seen a cardiologist to determine if her heart is
      working properly. I would definitely have an ultrasound done first to
      comfirm there is no heart disease and how serious the hernia is. It might be
      possible the hernia isn't bothering her and she has had it all her life and
      there is another issue which you would want to check first. Please have the
      ultrasound with a cardiologist if she hasn't had one.


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