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48414Re: [FH] Our beloved little Baxter passed away 8/15/08 to 7/13/13

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  • marianna.mayer
    Jul 14, 2013
      Dear Rose,
      I remember your Baxter. What a special special boy. You are blessed to have had him in your life. Thank you for taking such loving care of Baxter.
      I am thinking of you both tonight.


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      Subject: [FH] Our beloved little Baxter passed away 8/15/08 to 7/13/13

      I'm sorry to report that our little Baxter passed away yesterday afternoon. It was sudden and unexpected.

      Baxter was having a really good week and was happy and purring in the morning and curled up next to me sleeping all night. There was no indication of anything wrong, it was just a really good and bright eyed day for him.

      I ran an errand to the pet store to pick up some more food for him as I was running low. He was purring and curled up sleeping in his bed when I said goodbye. I returned home an hour later and found him lying on the floor. He must have just passed, he was still warm and flexible. I picked him up and heard stomach noises, I could swear his eyes had not fixed yet either. I attempted CPR, but no success.

      I think it may have been another seizure/clot. But perhaps his heart just finally gave out.

      The Cardiologist said it may have been an arrhythmic event. "In most the heart just stops from a coincidental trigger that stops the electrical activity. It's not the most common, but when it does it is likely the must humane way to pass away. It does not sound like it was heart failure with fluid build up. A clot to the brain is possible and would appear the same way, but they are rare."

      Baxter came to me as an abandoned kitten in an apartment complex when he was 6 months old. He had the most amazing personality I have seen in a cat. He loved everyone and loved all other cats and dogs. He'd take feral kittens under his paw and teach them the ropes. He loved to purr and suckle on blankets next to you. He loved children and would let them dress him in clothes and haul him around for hours without a single complaint. He was the cat that everyone wanted to take home with them. He touched many peoples lives in his short time with us. He was diagnosed with CHF on 12/28/12 and survived saddle thrombus despite the Vets and Cardiologist predictions on 1/13/13. It was a struggle at times but he had more good months then bad days since the CHF diagnosis. He will be missed by many.

      Thank you for everyone's encouragement, support and knowledge over these last 7 months regarding CHF. I know I did everything I could to make Baxter's final months happy and loved. I have no regrets and feel blessed to have had an extra 7 months with him.

      Please give all your kitties a kiss and hug tonight.

      Rose & Baxter

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