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  • zellenesa
    Feb 4, 2002
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      I also agree! You must get Baboo to eat! Since he is licking the
      meds from his paw, try smearing some Nutrical or the A/D on his paw
      and let him lick it off. Or finger feed. Baby food is okay for short
      term, though it's true it doesn't have taurine and some other supps.
      My cats loved baby food ham by Gerber's or Beechnut. It's too salty
      for heart patients on a continuing basis, but at this point, eating
      is the priority. And I heartily second looking for another vet. I
      wouldn't want someone so negative treating my cat, even if the
      situation were dire.

      One other food suggestion...the smellier the better. Fancy Feast
      sardines in aspic is a good one. Also raw liver in little strips and
      let Baboo lick up the blood. It is very nourishing.