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484Lynx Update: Thumbs Up!

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  • Jonathan Rosenberg
    Jul 6, 2000
      Many of you will recall the story of Lynx, the very old Siamese-Tabby mix
      that my wife & I adopted a few months ago. It's been just a month since I
      sent an update & since I just received the results of his recent blood test,
      I thought this an opportune time to send out an update.

      The bottom line is that Lynx is doing wonderfully!

      All of his blood levels are stable, so there is no need to adjust his meds &
      his kidneys remain strong. YAY!!!!

      We were also thrilled to find that he put on 1/2 pound since his last visit!

      As far as subjective observations, his appetite is wonderful & he remains a
      very happy camper.

      During the last week we have started taking him outside for supervised
      "jaunts". The first time I took him out I told my wife that he would
      probably just sniff the air & find a cool place to lie down.


      He really can't move very fast, but as soon as he hit the grass he headed
      for the woods. Watching him is like being with an adventurous infant who
      can't walk yet but can crawl very fast. If you turn your back on him for a
      minute, he can get into trouble, so we have to keep a close eye on him. But
      he really seems to cherish this little adventures, so we're gonna continue.

      Once again, thanks to everyone for their prayers & kind thoughts,

      Tabby (RB), Licorice, Tigger, Lynx