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  • rosemairew20
    Jul 10, 2013
      I'm sorry to hear about Marlow. My cat went through a similar issue this month, it was very scary for me and I was close to making the decision to put my baby down because he looked so miserable.

      So take heart, the meds you are on can be increased still to make him feel better and do better. I have learned that after a stressful event, like a vet visit or ER visit it takes my baby 1-2 days of seclusion in my bedroom with no sounds (Window Closed). This forces him to rest undisturbed by my daily activities. I sleep with him at night so he's not isolated. But after he rests like this he feels better. But those days can be scary, he sits in the meatloaf position with his ears back and an unhappy look on his face. I do watch his RR (Respiratory Rate)closely and alternate between 12.5mg Lasix twice a day and three times a day depending on where he is.

      When we had a bad time this month we were going to the vet every other day, he wasn't eating and they gave him Mitizaphe (sp?) which sent him into full CHF event, that took another 2 weeks to recover from. So I don't recommend giving an appetite stimulant. The vet told me if he just eats 1/2 of a small can she'd be happy. He ate less than that, maybe 1/4 can for a week, even on this small amount he gained back some weight. He eats more as he feels better, so don't get too freaked if he's not eating much when he's not feeling weel.

      So just know that Cats don't want to eat when their breathing is difficult. I give treats just to get something down them, gravy or baby food works too. Try a variety.

      Let him rest in a quiet room away from other cats and household activity for a few days.

      Be patient, the meds will work but it can be agonizingly slow sometimes.

      Hoping for the best,
      Rose & Baxter
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