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  • Cindi
    Jul 10, 2013
      Perhaps ask the vet about an anti-vomiting medication, I gave Ditto one
      that was an injection and it worked within minutes. Could he need
      pepcid a/c?

      Cindi missing the touch of Ditto
      There she was, elegant, beautiful, swathed in the shiniest of clinging
      silks, a vision of loveliness in coffee and cream --- a Princess from
      Bangkok, an Oriental Goddess, a Queen on her throne --- a Siamese cat!
      from May Eustace's Cats in Clover

      On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 7:31 AM, kathleen wrote:

      > Marlow still hasn't eaten, and I am extremely worried. He is just
      > lying under the futon breathing with a normal respiration rate. It
      > has been at least 15 hours since he has eaten, if not more. I offered
      > him some food on a spoon, and he turned away and gagged for a second.
      > I then syringe-fed him about 7 mL of watered-down cat food broth,
      > which he was not a fan of, but he didn't throw it back up or gag. Is
      > he going to starve himself to death today? I am just counting down
      > the minutes until my regular vet can talk with me- the vets at the
      > emergency vet hospital aren't very good, and I don't trust them with
      > this. 30 more minutes! I really hope Marlow can pull through this,
      > but I'm not very optimistic right now- he seems really weak, and his
      > hatred of food can't be a good thing.
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