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48392Anyone experience Thrombosis / blood clot without presence of HCM or heart

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  • kelly
    Jul 9, 2013
      One of my pet parents has a 5 year old boy that recently had a blood clot in both rear legs. After spending over 5,000+ with complete blood, supportive therapy in the intensive care for one week, 2 ultrasounds, and 2 echocardiograms there is no presence of hcm or heart disease. I have brought the videos of the ultrasounds to two wonderful vets for consults and was also at the appointment with a highly regarded cardiologist in San Diego. With research that I have done so far, there is a 90% of heart disease, 3% hypothyroidism and 7% unknown. Obviously, this kitty is in the unknown percentage and there is a rare chance it will happen again, from what I was told.... I am obviously concerned and am researching the lines. There has never been a kitten lost from this breeding. In fact, this is one of the best set of parents ever. Does anyone out there have any advice on what more we can do to find out how this happened? I am presently helping the family with the physical therapy to help him regain mobility. The Dr. prescribed Flavix which is diminishing his appetite and he is being forced fed. He may have to get a feeding tube inserted. I truly would appreciate any comments on this.
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