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4839Re: Kathy and Baboo

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  • JettawayFCRs@aol.com
    Feb 4, 2002
      > 1) It is very dangerous for baboo to go this long without eating
      > anything. He could develop a serious liver disease. Call your
      > vet ASAP & let him know. If he doesn't suggest anything, find
      > another vet ASAP. TO be honest, I would consider rushing him to
      > an emergency vet. Not eating can be a serious problem for cats.
      > Does anyone else on this list agree that this, in & of itself, is
      > quite serious?

      YES!!!! My kitty was acting like this just prior to being diagnosed with
      HCM. He went for over a week without eating and my vet would not listen! I
      was so worried about him not eating, but the vet wasn't. I should have taken
      him to another VET!!!!!!
      By the time we got Quincy to the vet school, altho they said he was in pretty
      good shape as far as his disease, he had not eaten or drank in so long, and
      he was very weak, he could not pull himself out of it. We lost him last
      June, and I still feel terribly guilty for not getting him to another vet
      after a couple days of not eating!

      > 2) While there is a chance that nothing can, in fact, be done for
      > Baboo, most often cats with heart disease can be treated to some
      > extent (sometimes quite well).

      I was told this as well.

      > I suggest you get a referral to a vet cardiologist ASAP. You can
      > see if there is a vet cardiologist in your area here:

      I agree!

      > http://www.acvim.org/Kittleson/search.htm
      > (This is not the only source for vet cardiologists, but it is my
      > favorite.)
      > If you can't swing that, get Baboo to another vet, who will be
      > more proactive.


      As for eating suggestions-force feed or try a nutrical type supplement, a
      multivitamin, anything!

      I pray your kitty starts eating again.