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  • Jordan
    Jul 8, 2013

      I would like to chime in along with the others. Dash has a good chance at a long, happy healthy life with proper care and medication.

      My Sheba was officially diagnosed 1 1/2 year ago, and was started on her first med, Plavix, 6 months ago. I have noticed a difference in her energy level. She does little trit trots down the hallway, and plays hide and seek behind doors. My cardiologist does not believe the Plavix has any effect on this, but I would tend to disagree. Since starting the drug, she seems more energetic to me.

      Our next follow-up visit is on July 22. He plans to do Xrays of her chest (she also has feline asthma) and only an echo if necessary. I do not think the echo will be necessary. Her asthma is well conrolled, her RRR is good, eating and feeling good.

      So . . . there is hope.

      Keep us posted,
      Jordan and Sheba

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