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48345Re: Stethoscope?

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  • Sharon
    Jul 5 8:38 AM
      I'm not sure that to a person with no medical training the quality of a
      Stethoscope is going to make a tremendous amount of difference. It takes
      training to be able to hear the different sounds that one would need to
      identify different heart and lung sounds. I have been breeding many years
      and have spent much time watching my vets listen to the heart of both
      kittens and adults. The heart rate is much faster than in humans. I
      consider myself pretty intelligent medically but I would not trust myself
      to diagnose any problem with a stethoscope no matter the quality, it is the
      training of the person listening that makes the difference. If I feel
      there is a problem I am going to my vet for their professional opinion.
      LuvNMuffin RagaMuffins

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