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48334Re: [FH] Re: Safe tranquilizer for an HCM kitty?

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  • Suzianne Painter-Thorne
    Jul 2, 2013
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      If it helps, when we were shopping for our house, that the owners had two
      dogs was a big draw for us. It made the house seem more homey for us
      dog/cat people. :-)

      Good luck,


      On 7/2/13 8:40 PM, "kateydiddles29" <ksmallwood3@...> wrote:

      >Thanks for all the responses! Am having second thoughts about this move
      >(which is in the same city just a few miles away from our current house).
      >Had a showing yesterday and hubby and I loaded 2 dogs and 2 cats
      >(including Zax) into the car for a ride while our house was being looked
      >at. Zax yowled and screamed the entire time and finally vomited. He was
      >so upset.
      >Had another showing today. Told realtor we were not leaving house since
      >zax was so upset. she was not happy. too bad for her (i dont mean to
      >make her job more difficult but my pets' well-being comes first).
      >Instead we took the dogs and cats (dogs on leash, cats in a covered
      >playpen) outside in our yard and sat with them. Zax was much calmer as
      >he is used to doing this. We probably looked really funny but it helped
      >my baby boy!
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